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What Makes Merino Wool Naturally Amazing

Merino wool is one of our favorite things here at Outdoor Sports Center.  From head to toe it is one of the most effective fabrics for outdoor endeavors year round. It has all the benefits of synthetics with out the downsides.

Synthetics are great; they are easy to take care of, they don't itch, and they perform well. Unfortunately, they don't insulate nearly as well as merino wool, and they don't deal with moisture as well, they are flammable and petroleum-based, and they start to stink quickly.


Merino, on the other hand, has all the benefits of traditional wool and the benefits that synthetics have. It's soft and comfy; it does not itch at all unlike the wool we usually think of when people talk about wool, it breathes instead of just wicking like synthetics, and it can go multiple wears without odor. Best of all it keeps you warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather; just like nature intended.


We have merino wool pieces to keep you warm and cozy, or cool and comfortable, from head to toe.  So come in and check out merino wool brands like SmartWool, Icebreaker, FITS Sock, and Patagonia. We'll show you why we believe merino wool is Mother Nature's miracle fiber, and perfect for all your outdoor endeavors.





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