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Hobie is Here!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are officially a Hobie dealer! And wait until you see the innovative new products we have brought into the store. About twenty years ago, Hobie introduced a new line of kayaks that are propelled in a whole new way. They have continued updating and perfecting these boats, and now they have a fresh new product for this season that is truly turning heads. The Mirage line of kayaks and boards allows you to spend more time enjoying the summer sun and getting an entirely new experience from your favorite watersports. 

Mirage Eclipse 
Imagine being able to work out your legs the way you would on a Stairmaster machine, but while propelling yourself across the water's surface. It hardly seems possible, but Hobie has pulled it off with the Mirage Eclipse, the world's first paddleboard propelled by foot pedals. The pedals are part of the highly efficient MirageDrive system, which uses Glide Technology and underwater blades that move side to side to pull your vessel through the water. This system offers increased stability, while also offering users a whole new type of workout. If you decide you want to switch it up and give your legs a rest, you can use it like a traditional paddleboard. Just remove the handlebar, lock the rudder in place to act as a skeg, and paddle away.


Mirage Kayaks  The kayaks from Hobie are propelled in a similar way to the Eclipse board. While seated normally in the kayak, you simply use your feet and legs to pedal yourself through the water, with a hand controlled rudder for easy steering. These kayaks offer a wonderful alternative for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of upper body strength needed to go on a long kayak trip. While they allow you to use an entirely new muscle group, you still have the option of paddling, as there are straps on the side of the boat to carry your paddle along. This system allows everyone to stay out on the water longer than they would otherwise, work a variety of muscles, and get so much more out of those sunny summer days. We carry the Sport, Oasis, and Revolution 11 and 13.


Mirage Fishing Kayaks  Both Hobie kayaks and paddle boards are ideal for fishing. They are all incredibly stable, and some models of kayaks are built specifically for fishing, with rod holders, raised seats, and extra storage for tackle boxes. We carry the the Outback and the Pro Angler 12 and 14, which are wider and perfect for fishing.




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