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Rock the Campsite, Your Way

Camping has evolved far beyond the traditional tent and campfire scenario you envision in your head. There are so many unique camping styles, both in terms of places to go and ways to camp, that camping gear has become ultra-specific. Styles range anywhere from backcountry minimalist to high-end glamping, but with all preference aside camping still offers a lifetime of memories for families, friends and loved ones! Read on to learn about the gear that will benefit each type of camper.


The goal is to hike off the grid, bringing only what is necessary! 


Our Advice for Blending In and Multitasking:

Try hammock camping!

Lighter and quicker to assemble, hammocks can hang anywhere between two trees. You'll never have to worry about finding dry or flat ground, and being elevated can lead to a better night's sleep. Laying on your back with your head raised increases blood circulation and allows for unobstructed breathing, while being off the ground eliminates annoying pressure points. Rather than lug around a tent, sleeping bag, AND pad, a hammock is lightweight and easily stored. 

Cook your meals with ease!
The tiny Westwind Stove from Liberty Mountain is unbelievably quick to assemble and easy to carry. Weighing in at only 4 ounces, you won't even feel it in your pack. It runs on rubbing alcohol, which takes up less space than the tanks of gas that most camp stoves need. This stove will help you save space, time and weight in your pack!

Purify water instantly! 
Instead of worrying about carrying enough water, just refill and filter from any stream or lake you pass. The new Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System purifies water instantly so you can drink right through the filter. The device can easily slip into your pocket, weighing in at 2 ounces.

Take notice of the color of your tent! 
If you're camping on the fly, blending into the surrounding environment will help you hide from any unwanted visitors. The North Face Tadpole 2-person tent has neutral coloring and low profile, maintaining a reduced footprint and lower height. It's quick and easy to disassembly and packs down to under 3 pounds.



Looking to do it all, they're packing all the equipment to enjoy hiking, biking, and cooking over the campfire!


Our Advice for Staying Organized:

Stick to the campgrounds and go car camping!

Having your car with you is more than convenient-it allows you to pack all the essentials and more! Most campgrounds let you pull your car right up to the campsite, so coolers, bikes, and blankets are easy to reach. Don't be afraid to over-pack!

Take advantage of your roof rack!

Loading the big stuff such as bikes and boards onto your roof frees up valuable space in your trunk. A THULE Box holds anything from duffels to frisbees for even more room inside. Another advantage to racks is that they keep dirt from getting into your car when it's time to pack up and go home, as dirty equipment like bikes can go on the roof.

Never run out of battery!

Don't waste power from your car battery to charge your devices--use the Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro! This little device has a USB port to charge your phone and other devices; it also triples as a flashlight AND a portable speaker! Coming in bright colors it's easy to spot, so it won't get lost!

Bring all your food and more!

No one wants to leave the campsite for more food, and strategically packing food and drinks together to stay cold can be tough! The Tundra 75 by YETI is enormous and has space for all the meals and beverages you'll need on your trip. If you throw a few frozen YETI Ice packs into your YETI Tundra, your food and drinks will stay cold for days--that's right, days.




Camping in comfort, with the whole family in tow. 


Our Advice for Staying Comfortable:

Take advantage of new technology!
Camping has come a long way in terms of gear and technology; our advice is to take advantage of it! There is no need to rough it anymore; it is easy to make the outdoors feel like home for an extended period of time. From showers to fridges and even a kitchen sink, you can live in luxury deep in the woods.

Laundry and dishes can stay clean!

The Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is great for washing dishes, but that's not all you can do with it. This pop-up container is perfect for hand-washing clothes, a quick way to carry water back to your campsite, and it makes an excellent dog bowl! It's easily collapsible when empty, and a stiffening ring prevents the bowl from tipping over when full.

Rinse off after a hot day!

If you're going to be camping for more than a couple of days, you are going to need a way to stay clean. Some camp showers need to be hung and offer very minimal pressure, but the Helio Pressure Shower from NEMO is actually a tank that sits on the ground, with a handheld hose that offers fantastic pressure. It's not only ideal for showering, but also for rinsing off your gear, your dog, or anything that gets dirty!



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