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It's always a good idea to stock up early on your winter items, especially here in New England where it can be hard to predict exactly when winter is going to start. While we expect to have until December before winter boots become an everyday necessity, there are a few brands that always sell out very quickly here at Outdoor Sports Center. We want to make sure you get the exact boots you want before they disappear, so we've put together an overview of the brands and models that we expect to fly off the shelves this season.

Men's Boots



The Avenue Duck Boot and the brand new Decoy boots are perfect examples of the much-loved, classic duck boot style. While the Avenue Duck Boot is a tried and true favorite, the Decoy and Decoy Shearling are brand new boots from Sperry. The Decoy Shearling is very warm and is a great boot for venturing out on a cold winter's day, while the Avenue and Decoy are highly recommended apres-ski boots with some thick wool socks.



Baffin boots are the warmest winter boots that we sell. The Musk Ox is our best selling Baffin boot; it's extremely comfortable and has a built-in gaiter. The Revelstoke is incredibly light with an excellent warmth rating, and even has a moldable bootie that is naturally molded by the warmth of your foot.


The look of Sorel's winter boots is arguably the most "classic" winter boot style around. The Caribou and Cheyanne Lace are our most popular men's boots, both waterproof and seam-sealed so you can venture out in all kinds of weather. The Cheyanne incorporates that classic duck boot look, and while both boots are great for everyday winter wear, Sorel considers the Caribou to be best for heavy snow.

Women's Boots


We carry several models of Pajar boots that come equipped with their signature Ice Gripper technology, which helps to keep you sturdy while traversing slippery ice. Instead of having to strap something over your shoe to help you walk on slippery surfaces, these boots actually come with them built in, and with the option to use them only when needed. It's quick and easy to flip the red tabs on the shoes' soles to the studded side, and when you don't need them anymore, just simply flip them back.



The Classic II still incorporates all the much-loved features of the original Classic UGG boot, but comes pre-treated for water and stain resistance and has a new outsole that offers increased traction, durability, cushioning and flexibility. The Adirondack is a hardy snow boot, with waterproof leather and water-resistant wool, offering style and unfaltering warmth at the same time. The Blayre is a dressy boot, perfect for everything from a chilly night out to a winter wedding. It offers unsurpassed style as well as the cozy sheepskin lining that UGG is famous for.



The Joan of Arctic and Tofino II are quite possibly the most popular winter boots for women. They are waterproof and warm, and offer that timeless, classic silhouette that so perfectly represents winter style. Each one comes in several different colors, but don't wait--these boots sell out more quickly than any other product in our store, year after year!

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